Naida E. Cognetta
1930 – 2012

Mrs. Cognetta’s Cake Tradition

When you suffer a loss of a loved one, everyone comes together to mourn the death and share the many memories you’ve gathered throughout the years. Because food is a form of comfort, you’d sit at the kitchen or dining room table to share with others.

Knowing this, Mrs. Cognetta began baking cakes for each family she and her husband served in Stamford which has become over a half century tradition.

She was the first funeral director in Fairfield County to start this tradition, with others to follow. Mrs. Cognetta baked approximately three hundred and fifty cakes a year and with much care for both the Stamford and Norwalk locations.

Interestingly enough, families have come to expect this tradition. Every single family that we serve will be presented with “Mrs. C’s Cake”.



Since Naida’s passing in December of 2012, not to break tradition, Barbara A. Cognetta-Duffin, the youngest of Nick and Naida’s four children was honored to fulfill the void that would be made without her mother’s presence. For Barbara it was a very easy transition. As the youngest, she quickly began to learn the importance of family and tradition. She can recall as a little girl standing on a chair next to her mother while the mixer spun the batter that she loved to sneak a taste from what was left in the mixing bowl. She instantly knew that someone has lost a loved one and a cake was being made especially for that family. The giving of a pound cake has become our expression of gratitude and compassion, and a Cognetta Family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is an honor and a privilege to continue her mother’s legacy of baking each family a pound cake.