Trinidad Gutierrez

Trinidad Gutierrez Mateus from Stamford sadly left us on Thursday, April 18, 2024. She was born on April 15, 1940, in Puente Nacional, Colombia to parents Alfredo and Concepcion Gutierrez and moved to the United States in 1967. She worked as a nanny and housekeeper for local families before working at St. Joseph’s Hospital where she retired after decades of service. In her best years, she thought only of others, and less of herself and her needs. She dedicated her time to family, serving God, and traveling.

She has a very large family and was preceded in death by her sisters Amparo Gutierrez, Reinelda Gutierrez, Consuelo Gutierrez, and brothers Norberto Gutierrez and Lucas Gutierrez. Trini is survived by her sisters Maria Giribaldo (Stamford), Abeling Martinez (Stamford) Margarita Gutierrez (Stamford), Sormira Poulter (Oklahoma), Maria Elba Gutierrez (Oklahoma), Beatriz Giller (Oklahoma), and brothers Efrain Gutierrez (Stamford), Nestor Gutierrez (Norwalk), Danilo Gutierrez (Colombia), Dario Gutierrez (Milford), Jonson Gutierrez (Florida), Justo Gutierrez (Colombia) and many nieces, nephews, and God children.

Her departure comes as a great shock and deep pain that is felt throughout our entire family and extended circles. She left her kind impression on so many souls. We are left with the memories of her beautiful loving and generous spirit that will live in our hearts forever.

Please honor her memory by accompanying us this Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at Cognetta Funeral Home 104 Myrtle Ave from 830 – 1030am. Followed by an 11 am Mass at St Benedict’s Church located at 1 St Benedict Circle. If you are inclined to make a contribution, please do so at Ever Loved in lieu of flowers.